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Introducing Word of Life:  An Integrated Approach to Pre-K to 8 Catechesis

A New Vision for Catechesis

At the heart of the current catechetical crisis is the loss of a true Catholic  identity among the faithful, especially young people. This lack of identity has resulted in declining numbers in Catholic parishes and schools as well  as a drastic drop in participation in the sacraments.

An authentic catechetical renewal requires new catechetical models that  help children, parents, and families discover their authentic Catholic identity that reinvigorates fruitful participation in the Church’s life and  mission.Word of Life not only provides faithful teaching; it goes beyond to explain why the faith is relevant in our modern culture. It uses a
dynamic combination of print, video, and digital media that resonates  with students today.

Word of Life curriculum brings together faith and reason and demonstrates how the truths of the faith  speak to the human heart.

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