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A New Vision for Catechesis

An authentic catechetical renewal requires new catechetical models that help children, teachers, parents, and families discover their authentic Catholic identity to reinvigorate fruitful participation in the Church’s life and mission.

The Church needs new catechetical resources to not only provide faithful teaching, we must be able to explain why the faith is relevant in our modern culture.  

Four Golden Catechetical Threads

Word of Life Uses Four Golden Catechetical Threads to Address These Needs

1. Salvation History

Revealing God’s presence and plan throughout history and our place in that plan.

2. Christian Anthropology

The true human story that answers the questions about our real identity, why we are here, and who are we called to be.

3. Heroic Virtue & Character Formation

By cooperating with God’s grace and the supernatural virtues, we find our true dignity and purpose and are able to live with heroic virtue and character.

4. Learning through Discipleship

Catechesis that shows why the faith matters and nurtures a deepening integration of the faith in daily life through Christian discipleship.

"This is why I send my kid to a Catholic school!"

An Integrated Approach to Catechesis

  • An engaging and relevant kerygmatic catechesis young learners enjoy through a blended learning model of textbook, online learning interactions, and engaging video enhancements.
  • State-of-the-art digital components allow young learners and parents to interact with dynamic faith formation materials in the classroom and at home.
  • A teach-the-teacher model equips teachers to present lessons effectively and be more deeply formed in the faith as they teach. When teachers and catechists are formed well and passionate about the content, everyone wins.
  • An authentic and comprehensive program for children and parents, providing a complete family faith formation with Word of Life materials and the expansive digital library of the Augustine Institute and Ignatius Press.

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School Edition: Material for four daily lessons plus a review day

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