Word of Life for Home School Families

Word of Life is designed to provide effective tools to both catechize and evangelize students and families. The materials engage students at all ages and experience levels. Families can choose to use either the parish or school edition:

School Edition: Material for 4 daily lessons, plus a review day.
Parish Edition: Material for 1 weekly lesson in a parish setting.
Parish Edition and Catholic School Edition
Print, Digital, Teacher, and Parish Catechist Manuals
Online Optional Activities
Lesson Enhancement Videos

Student Text

The Word of Life Student Text makes learning the faith effective, engaging, and fun with Bible stories, contemporary children’s stories, lives of the saints, and activities for a variety of learning styles.

The text consists of core lessons, as well as four liturgical season lessons. Images used in each chapter range from photographs depicting a real-life situation, contemporary art depicting a Bible narrative, and sacred art that depicts an event in salvation history to draw students into the mysteries of Christ, leading them to understand doctrinal elements of the faith more fully.

Every chapter has a page for parents that provides a brief summary of what the child learned in class and a variety of ways to live the faith in daily life.

Print Student Textbook Samples

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Teacher Manual

Parish Catechist Manuals are written for catechists of all levels of formation. Using the ecclesial method, the detailed lesson plans equip catechists with an engaging presentation of the materials with little preparation required. Each lesson is written to help the catechist encourage dialogue that draws students into the lessons, where they not only learn facts about the faith but also know the why of the faith and how to live it out.

The Parish Catechist Manual brings together rich doctrinal presentation with effective pedagogy and methodology that will form and inform the catechists as they present the lessons.


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Lesson Enhancement Videos

Videos and digital resources for use in the classroom or in the home

Word of Life uses a variety of approaches to reach visual and auditory learners, helping students more deeply engage in the content.
  • Lesson enhancement videos to reinforce main concepts of each chapter.
  • Lectio divina videos to guide and engage students in prayerful reflection.
  • Sacred Art videos to reflect on the mysteries of the faith through art.
  • Prayers to Know videos to teach the students basic Catholic prayers.
  • Teacher Doodles provide graphic depictions to help teachers explain different elements of the faith in ways that students can easily understand.


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Access to the Augustine Institute and Ignatius Press library of digital resources

Faith podcasts, family video resources, and adult faith enrichment.


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